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General Features

  • It is produced from 304 quality stainless sheet.
  • It ensures that the unwanted foreign substances (hair, sand, etc.) in the flour are sifted from the flour and aeration of the flour thanks to the silk sieve system.
  • Provides clean and healthy product production.
  • It works silently and without vibration.
  • It is easy to move as it is on wheels.
  • The length of the spiral can be made to the desired length.
  • Conforms to CE standards.
  • Monophase motor option.
  • It is guaranteed for 2 years against manufacturing and assembly faults.

50 kg flour / 75 sn sifting

780 mm

1050 mm

1670 mm

Motor Three Phase:
0,92 / 380 V

Machine Weight:
91 kg

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