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IBA Munich will open its doors for the 25th time in Munich, Germany on 22-26 October 2023. The organization, which has been held every 3 years since 1949, is one of the most important fairs for the Bakery, Pastry and Bakery Industry. This year, the fair is “Worth to be a participant!” will focus on the needs of the food industry for 5 days.

The Stage is Yours at the IBA Munich Fair

IBA is an internationally important event that brings together the professionals of the bakery products industry. The fair, where the latest technologies are introduced, provides high-level information sharing for industry experts. It is a global network for decision makers in a market ranging from bakeries to industrial production channels, pastry chefs to restaurant owners, hotel professionals to food suppliers.

The fair, where the technologies developed together with the existing production machines in the industry will be experienced live, is also the platform where big companies introduce their new products. From cooking to cutting, from raw materials to hygiene, from packaging to shipping, the fair attended by every company that connects the industry is the scene of potential business deals.

Product groups; bakery technologies and equipment, cakes, cookies, bakery products, confectionery, seeds, cereals, oils, coffees, ice creams, frozen foods and technologies, pasta, pizza making, production tools, store hardware and equipment.

IBA Munich Fair provides a full organization to the participants with its highly anticipated award-winning competitions, promotions and panels.

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