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General Features

The conical rounding machine shapes the dough with a conical made of aluminum and aluminum arms circulating in a spiral around it. The dough from the cutting-weighing machine falls into the aluminum inlet chute. Thanks to the rolling drum and guiding grooves, it takes a round shape and reaches the resting machine. Meanwhile, the dough is prevented from sticking to the discharge chute with the flour sifting device. Thanks to the optional ventilation system, air is blown into the grooves, preventing the dough from sticking to the drum. All aluminum parts can optionally be coated with Teflon. 7 types of machines are produced that shape 200-1500 gr dough with adjustable arms, varying between standard 50-1500 gr.


950 mm

950 mm

1520 mm

Dough outlet height:
1000 mm

Electric power:
1,1 kW

Machine Weight:
210 kg

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