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General Features

The cutting-weighing machine, which is the newest system of dough processing technology, cuts the dough in the desired weight without compressing and wearing it. All surfaces in contact with the dough are made of stainless steel. It cuts the dough with its own weight, thanks to the vacuum created by the piston-cylinder movement. The lubrication system works automatically. Thus, it is ensured that the machine has a longer life. All surfaces are lubricated with food compatible oil. Weight adjustment can be produced automatically or mechanically, optionally. Standard 50-150 gr, 60-200 gr, 70-250 gr, 80-350 gr, 90-500 gr, 100-600 gr, 150-750 gr, 200-1000 gr, 250-1150 gr, 300-1300 gr 10 types of machines that cut and weigh the dough are produced.

1000 – 2000

650 mm

1370 mm

1600 mm

Dough outlet height:
960 ± 80 / 95 mm

Electric power:
1,50 kW

Machine Weight:
410 kg

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